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Supplier management


Efficiently manage supplier contracts, payments, and referrals, fostering opportunities for consultants and businesses alike.

We specialize in being the efficient link between independent consultants and companies seeking to harness their expertise. Our unique service facilitates seamless connections, fostering a thriving network of opportunities for both consultants and businesses.

We provide services to manage our client’s:

  • Supplier contracts and payments
  • Referred candidates

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A simple and effective process

Intelli5’s supplier management simplifies onboarding, centralizes contracts/payments, and automates referrals, minimizing procurement teams’ workload and fostering streamlined operations for enhanced efficiency and collaboration.


Onboarding Simplification

Streamline supplier onboarding with a straightforward process, ensuring efficient inclusion in our management system.


Contract and Payment Centralization

Centralize supplier contracts and payment procedures, minimizing the administrative burden for procurement teams.


Automated Referral Handling

Employ automated systems for seamless referral management, optimizing the process and reducing the number of companies for procurement teams to manage.

Why choose us?

Our value proposition


We prioritize streamlined processes, ensuring efficient management of supplier contracts and payments, as well as the referral of qualified candidates.


Our service excels in creating seamless connections, fostering a thriving network that benefits both independent consultants and companies. We value the power of connectivity in generating opportunities.


Clients can trust us for reliable management of supplier contracts, payments, and the careful consideration of referred candidates. Our commitment to reliability is the foundation of our service excellence.


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How do you ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information in candidate management?

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