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Staff Augmentation


Our team can respond to most requests within 48 hours.

We provide staffing to add to our clients’ teams, over short- or long-term contracts, in order to help the complete their projects or any other IT related activities. We are proud of our 2-step filtering approach, where all proposed candidates go through 2 interviews before being submitted our clients. We focus on quality to save time valuable time for our clients.

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A simple and effective process

Streamline your staffing process with Intelli5 – from evaluating your needs and searching our pool of consultants to employing advanced techniques for finding the best candidates. Our simple three-step process ensures efficient candidate selection, thorough verifications, and swift finalization for a seamless start to your assignments.


Identify Needs

Intelli5 assesses your staffing needs, considering the position type and required expertise.


Search and Match

We check our consultant pool first for suitable matches in skills and availability. If needed, we use various search techniques to find the best candidates.


Candidate Selection and Finalization

You choose candidates for interviews. Intelli5 handles background checks and reference verifications. Once details are confirmed, the staffing agreement is finalized for the assignment to begin.”

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We ensure top-tier expertise, aligning skills with your needs for superior performance and impactful results in staff augmentation.


Our swift response provides immediate support, accelerating project timelines and adapting to dynamic requirements seamlessly.


Tailored solutions and adaptable teams characterize our approach, meeting evolving demands and ensuring a flexible, collaborative partnership.


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How flexible is your staff augmentation service in adapting to changing project requirements?

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